Our Methods

The whole team at Nana’s Naturals is dedicated to providing you with the most natural, sustainably grown products possible. The human body is a whole unit, with every organ, every blood vessel, and every breath working together in a natural, holistic way. We believe that alleviating ailments should operate on the same principals, working with the body instead of using synthetics to treat one or two issues.

We believe that the holistic treatment of the body should extend to how we treat the earth as well. That’s why we utilize the following methods to source our herbs:

Wild crafting

Our team goes outdoors and gleans from the forest and the world around us. However, we know that gleaning can quickly go out of control, robbing the forest of needed plants. That’s why we always leave a portion of what we are picking behind so that it can replenish itself. We also replant herbs that we take, ensuring the next person or animal can enjoy the bounty of nature.

Home Grown

Many of our herbs are grown right here, at Nana’s Naturals. Our garden is the pride of our whole family, and with five generations enjoying the space and nature at Nana’s, our products show the love and devotion only an entire family can give.

Responsibly Farmed

We buy any herbs or oils we cannot grow or make from certified organic producers. When we can, we always buy local from farms and seed producers with which we have a personal relationship. This gives us the assurance that we are providing the best products we can – and gives you the assurance that when we say “natural,” we truly mean it.

Try Nana’s Naturals and experience nature’s bounty.

What People are Saying

“At 67 years old, Nana’s products are great. I’m hooked on the Salve, but after getting a bad cold and trying your Elderberry Cough Syrup I will never use anything else on my respiratory issues. It dried out a bad head cold in hours.”

Don S.

“Thanks, Nana’s your Tincture saved my marriage! On those days of PMS, my wife uses your tincture and becomes much nicer to be around. Keep up the great work.”

Bobby from Grants Pass

“As a hairdresser, I’m on my feet all day long. Nana’s Healing Salve truly is the best product I’ve found. I just apply to any painful spot and the pain just goes away. Thank you, Nana’s!”

Linda P. of Portland

“We Ease Your Dis-Ease”

Our mission is to create the highest quality of healing using responsible, wild-crafted, natural, and organically grown herbs added to organic Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil.”

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