Meet Nana’s Naturals

“We Ease Your Dis-Ease”

Nana’s Naturals is a family owned and operated business headed by Janet van der Star. Janet, her sisters, and her husband all worked to create, package, and sell the natural remedies provided by Nana’s Naturals.

About “Nana”

Janet and her sisters have used natural remedies for as long as they can remember. At first, the sisters would apply wild ingredients to their scrapes and scratches while playing in the forest as children. As they grew older, Janet studied herbal remedies. She is an avid researcher and has applied all that she has learned over the years to formulate the natural solutions offered at Nana’s Naturals.

Over the years, Janet’s children have come to her seeking natural tinctures and balms. Now that she’s a grandmother, her children’s children visit “Nana” to soothe away scrapes and sore muscles. The name, “Nana’s Naturals” was born from all of the grandchildren who have asked Janet and her sisters for natural healing over these many years.

Why use natural remedies

In looking for long-lasting and noninvasive care for everyday problems, Janet and her team have found that nature provides the perfect solutions. In fact, many of today’s medications are synthetic duplicates of naturally occurring ingredients. For example, willow bark is nature’s aspirin, but willow bark doesn’t have the side effects on the human body that are produced by aspirin.

American traditional medicine provides excellent trauma treatment, but leave something to be desired when it comes to long-term care. Nana’s Naturals products are created to complement existing treatment or provide an alternative to long-term treatment. Products are not meant to diagnose or cure any dis-ease. However, those using Nana’s Naturals have experienced greater comfort and natural wellness.

What People are Saying

"At 67 years old, Nana’s products are great. I’m hooked on the Salve, but after getting a bad cold and trying your Elderberry Cough Syrup I will never use anything else on my respiratory issues. It dried out a bad head cold in hours."

Don S.

"Thanks, Nana’s your Tincture saved my marriage! On those days of PMS, my wife uses your tincture and becomes much nicer to be around. Keep up the great work."

Bobby from Grants Pass

“As a hairdresser, I’m on my feet all day long. Nana’s Healing Salve truly is the best product I’ve found. I just apply to any painful spot and the pain just goes away. Thank you, Nana’s!”

Linda P. of Portland

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