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About “Nana”

Janet and her sisters have used natural remedies for as long as they can remember. At first, the sisters would apply wild ingredients to their scrapes and scratches while playing in the forest as children. As they grew older, Janet studied herbal remedies. She is an avid researcher and has applied all that she has learned over the years to formulate the natural solutions offered at Nana’s Naturals.

Over the years, Janet’s children have come to her seeking natural tinctures and balms. Now that she’s a grandmother, her children’s children visit “Nana” to soothe away scrapes and sore muscles. The name, “Nana’s Naturals” was born from all of the grandchildren who have asked Janet and her sisters for natural healing over these many years.

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*PCR is the only federally 'legal' cannabis/Hemp oil. PCR Hemp Oil does not contain significant amounts of THC and does not have the properties that can get a person high.